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Software Engineer (Full Stack)


As a part of BCGs GAMMA team - part of BCG X, you will work closely with consulting teams on a diverse range of advanced topics. You will have the opportunity to leverage software development methodologies to deliver value to BCGs Consulting & GAMMA (case) teams, GAMMA Product teams and Practice Areas (domain) through providing software developer subject matter expertise, and accelerated execution support.
You will collaborate with teams to gather requirements, specify, design, develop, deliver and support software solutions serving client needs. You will provide technical support through deeper understanding of relevant software solutions and processes to build high quality and efficient technology solutions. Assignments will range from short term Proof of concepts/Minimum viable product to long term cases with enterprise grade software development as a critical enabler through the project level description of the role responsibilities and impact within the organization.

Web Application Development
Maintains a strong knowledge base of new opensource tech stacks, applications, techniques, and skills
Strong problem-solving and follow-up skills; must be proactive and take initiative
Create robust proprietary code and translate business logic into project requirements
Develop code using development best practices, and an emphasis on security best practices
Leverage technologies to support business needs to attain high reusability and maintainability of current and newly developed systems
Work independently on development tasks with minimal supervision
Write effective unit tests and integration tests to ensure high-quality software delivery
Business requirement gathering and collaboration
Establish credibility by thought partnering with highly demanding stakeholders / consulting teams on web development and delivery topics; drawing conclusions on a range of external and internal issues and dependencies
Executing software development approach and creating defined outcome; contributing to approach selection
Assuring proper sign off before uploading materials into internal repository for reference; sanitizing confidential client content in marketing documents
Contributes to teams content & IP development
Problem solving
You should be strong in solutioning with hands-on experience in software delivery, through the entire life cycle of software development. Strong problem solving skills with the ability to develop and codify knowledge and provide appropriate technical advice where required
Technical Skills:
Must have strong experience:
In building high-performance web applications using - NodeJS, Python + Flask, Django, React, Angular 2+, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3
Leveraging SQL-Postgres for best performance
On OOPs concepts, design patterns, responsive UI and Unit testing frameworks like Mocha, Jest, Jasmine
Knowledge of Bootstrap or Material UI or And Design
Knowledge of UI component libraries to produce high-quality production apps following a high-fidelity design and a specification
Track record of designing, developing and supporting highly scalable, responsive web applications and services
Integrate UI with REST APIs to make the app production-ready
And workable knowledge of:
Unix command-line tools and code repo Git
CI/CD, DevOps tools
Cloud infra architecture design (AWS, Azure, GCP) and deployment
UI component libraries to produce high-quality production apps following a high-fidelity design and a specification
And familiar with:
Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform
C# + .NET Core / .NET Framework
NoSql Databases like MongoDB
Hybrid Mobile app development using React Native or Ionic
Charting libraries like HighCharts, D3.js and Recharts
Basic wireframing skills

Job Requirement:
Bachelors / Masters degree in computer science engineering/technology or equivalent
Excellent communication skills
Work Experience:
At least 1-2 years of end-to-end web - application/tool development experience in a commercial setup specifically services or consulting organization
Additional weightage for contributions made to open source projects, blogs, forums etc. in relevant technologies
Our technology consultants and specialists partner with our clients and colleagues to build and implement digital solutions through a broad spectrum of activities. Technology jobs and engineering jobs include design of IT architectures, large-scale transformation, agile development, software engineering, cybersecurity consulting, and risk management.
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Fecha de publicación: 19/03/2023