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Machining Operator

Machine Operator will be able to operate CNC lathes or milling machines. The work is performed in cellular production environment requiring the operation of two or more machines at the same time.

He will also operate conventional honing, drilling or milling machines.

CNC Operator is working in 2 shifts operation, which has a great need of independency. The operator has safety and productivity skills and is eager to look for better, faster and saver ways to machine products. Eventually can work in 3 shifts for a short period of time.

Perform all operations within the capability of the machines being operated
Make complete machine setup and perform minor preventive maintenance.
Recognizes signs of tool wear and poor finish and make adjustments to correct.
Locate and use proper fixtures and machine attachments.
Moves material as required.
Provide training and instruction to other employees as required.
Performs manual and electronic record keeping and information retrieval functions.
Perform secondary operations such as deburring, chip removal, drilling and tapping.
Make routine program edits and perform N/C programming
Select proper cutting tools, holders, preset tools and fixtures.
5S: Identify, label and organize tooling fixtures, etc. in work areas. Maintain and clean work environment daily.
Technical school diploma or equivalent experience.
Demonstrated ability to read blueprints.
Previous experience with CNC machines.
Demonstrated ability to use tool presetting equipment, lift truck, carts, cranes and hoists.
Ability to use precision measuring instruments and gages.
Knowledge of English will be a highly valued.
Capable to use computer tools.
Demonstrated problem solving experience
Ability to work well with others
He/she will mainly work at the Mallabia Workshop.
Enerpac Tool Group

Fecha de publicación: 26/05/2023