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1 Graduated Researcher

Offer Description

Article 23.bis of Law 14/2011 on Science and Technology


Research Field Computer science Education Level Bachelor Degree or equivalent


Analysis and study of communication infrastructures in cyber defence and related scenarios, in order to maximize their security, trust, and resilience in highly dynamic scenarios.
Performing pen-testing tests to understand and model the attack vectors of the most disruptive types of malwares in cyber defence scenarios, capable of altering tactical and operational operations of agents and assets deployed.
Generation of datasets, mainly with synthetic data, with the most representative characteristics of the selected malwares.
Study and elaboration of different regression and classification models based on Artificial Intelligence for the detection of cyber threats in cyber defence and related scenarios.
Analysis of the results for the validation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the developed proofs of concepts.
Participate in the supervision of undergraduate and masters theses, as well as publications in conferences and journals related to the objectives and results of the research.
Dissemination of project results in conferences and articles in high-impact journals.

Specific Requirements

Academic Education Average grade in the Engineering and Architecture field of knowledge of 6.5 or higher 25
Current Working Situation Situation related to models and techniques based on Artificial Intelligence to detect different types of malwares in highly dynamic scenarios 35
Participation in Research Projects Experience and participation in national and international research projects 10
Other Merits or Clarifications deemed relevant Previous knowledge of Artificial Intelligence based techniques, such as
Machine and Deep Learning, Federated Learning, malware and fingerprinting 30
Maximum total score 100
Minimum score to pass the selection process 70

Internal Application form(s) needed

Convocatoria R-744-23 p38016 InvL (4).pdf


(592.08 KB - PDF)

Additional Information

Additional comments

Name of the line of research in regard to which the contract is established - Reference or identification code.
Cyber defence - 38305

Work Location(s)

Number of offers available 1 Company/Institute University of Murcia Country Spain State/Province Murcia City Murcia Postal Code 30100 Street Campus de Espinardo Geofield

Where to apply Website

Contact State/Province

Región de Murcia City

Murcia Website


Universidad de Murcia Postal Code

30100 E-Mail


Fecha de publicación: 26/05/2023